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"The truth is rarely pure and never simple."

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Birthdate:Sep 18
I play in the Harry Potter fandom and now in the SCA. I dabble in cooking, gardening,papermaking and bookbinding. Occasionally, I write some fanfic.

Friending policy- I'm open to friends-will usually friend back, if your interests and posts mesh with my interests. Due to a very busy life, I am cutting back on LJ reading- a bit- grins. So I might cut you from my flist if, you are not commenting, as I see this as a place to interact, or our interests diverge. If your posts are mostly twitter, especially if you pass on other peoples' twitters, that is an automatic delete from my friends list. If I wanted to twitter...
No hard feelings, ok.

I am over 18.

My wit can be dry and sarcastic, so take stuff I say with a grain of salt or two.

My email is tudorpot at gmail dot com

Link to my fic
Planes and Trains and Automobiles


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